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"Scientists studying the Amazon and all its wondrous assets (agree) Today we stand in a moment of destiny: The tipping point is here, it is now."

- Carlos Nobre, Nobel Prize winning earth scientist.

Regeneration places life at the heart of every action and choice, extending its influence across the entire spectrum of existence. This principle resonates just as profoundly within the realms of family, communities, cities, schools, spirituality, commerce, and governments, as it does in the awe-inspiring context of addressing climate challenges.

Sacred Forest Project

In Acre, Northwestern Brazil, the Puyanawa Tribe lived for thousands of years in harmony with nature, known as Protectors of the Sacred Forests. However, in 1905 

much of the tribe was massacred, the rest were enslaved and dispossessed from their ancestral lands by enslavers. Now their Sacred Forests are threatened by illegal burning, contributing to the "Savanization of the Amazon" and ecosystems collapse.

SRI is working with the Puyanawas to accelerate

technologies and bioeconomies to protect and regenerate vital ecosystems, bringing together 120 scientists, innovators, climate change leaders, and other organization partners. Together, we qualified as XPRIZE Rainforest 2023 Semifinalists in Singapore, and were featured at Davos and at the Science Summit at the United Nations during the General Assembly in New York, 2023, which was Co-Convened by SRI.

Heroes of Regeneration

This story is featured in the upcoming film "Heroes of Regeneration." Together we are co-creating a de-colonizing climate regeneration film and initiative to reverse the tide of devastation and inspire hope with new approaches to ecological protection worldwide. With 

Our objectives are to return the Sacred Lands to the Puyanawa, and to create an institute for education, research, cultural and ecosystems regeneration, via bio-economies and biodiversity / hybrid carbon credits.

SEESchool Regeneration

At SEEschool, cultural regeneration is central to the programs with music, dance, sports, and celebrations of all faiths. Ecological regeneration is encouraged through organic gardening practices.

Photo ©Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri @SRI

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